The truth about sex and sex during pregnancy

The truth about sex and sex during pregnancy

First of all, it is my hope that you are doing great and everything is under control, and if it is vice versa, I pray that you get the breakthrough you deserve, and soon or later things will go back to working just fine as previously.

Kings and queens, please

I would want you all not just to read this article and go off the internet without understanding what it really means. Because when it comes to your body, you gotta be serious. Yes, be serious about it.


Sex is good and sex is bad. We might say sex is good because it’s the process of reproduction and satisfaction, Sex is for adults who are well-developed in accordance with God’s will. Having sex is natural.

Having sex as a teenager might lead to pregnancy, low activeness, low attentiveness, sickness, and more.

What do we have today?

In today’s post, you will learn about what sex will do to you (male or/female) if you are going to have it with just anyone, the effects it makes on your unborn baby; when you have it during pregnancy, and what my friends have to say about the term sex and I actually will going to ask (want to hear from you) what you know about it.

I have a couple of friends, they told me what they know about sex cause I didn’t want to ask people on the internet before I ask the ones I see in person. They had something to say and I happily shared the screenshot with you below, just keep reading.

If you don’t take things less seriously you know God made sex to be more than a mere physical act. And honestly these days we are more likely to forget that sex has a spiritual component, looking at it instead like it is only a biological act or instinct. Sex is a very powerful and divine thing, the first activity that God had Adam and Eve pursue right out of the gate. And no one needs to be taught to have an interest in or desire for it.

It is our most natural drive. All must be taught how to control and protect it. All cultures must find a way to do this or very bad things happen as is demonstrated by too many cultures today, including ours.

Sex is love (I get it. Some say sex isn’t love, that’s another topic, I’m not down for it today lol). Sex is control. Sex is power. Sex is connected to your ultimate awakening of self-confidence, self-awareness, connection to others, and a whole lot of spiritual sh*t. Spiritual means;  i) your understanding of yourself  ii) others, and  iii) the power you have with sex/sexuality.

If you all truly knew how powerful sex is, and what happens every time your genitalia touches the other, you wouldn’t just have it with anyone.

What happens when you have sex


Every time you have sex, you take a part of their soul. He then becomes a part of you, every time it gets deeper and deeper. If you both are truly into it, you become attached more and more every time. The original purpose of sex was to become spiritually closer to your spouse. You will start to act, talk and do things like him over time.


Every time you have sex with a different woman, you are leaving parts of yourself with her. You lose a piece of your soul, strength, spirit, and mind. If she is not yours, she will not care to return it — now you keep losing pieces of you.

Taking sex as play or fun is dangerous because you actually will be losing a lot of body-needed components during sex.

Do you know that the sperm gets thinner and thinner as you’re having sex? Do you know that sex ain’t flex? Do you know that sex has physical, spiritual, and mental effects on teenage boys?

Rushing into life will only destroy your future!

Boys, do you know why some men are impotent? Do you know why some men are infertile? Do you know why some men have strokes?

Early SEX!

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A famous Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde once said..,

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

Sex is short for ‘Sexual Energy eXchange’.  The powerful energy we exchange is sacred!. Remember, the body is a guest house, choose well whom you invite in.
It is all fun and games using the power of sex until you experience the evidence of the power of sex using you. It is better to keep what is sacred, sacred.

What happens when you have sex during pregnancy

It is not very wise to have sex with another man while pregnant; your baby feels everything you feel, and your baby is literally having sexual emotions run through its body. This is literally the baby having sex at an early age. Sex at an early age with different bodies especially can cause mental issues such as Promiscuity.

Letting that different man mix his bodily fluids; be it semen, or saliva (DNA)  with your pregnant body actually fuses with the baby’s DNA, and that different man you are having sex with becomes the part father of the unborn baby genetically.

This in return can lead to split personalities, possession of different spirits in your baby, and confusion within your baby’s mind.

What friends say about sex

When I was preparing this post, I didn’t want to keep it to myself. I decided to leave a note anonymously to my friends asking about what they know about sex, the definition and et cetera. I know everyone can define the term sex from their own understanding, so here is what one of my friends has to say.

The truth about sex and sex during pregnancy

If you have yours, you can leave a comment, I really want to hear from you guys.

The bottom line

What point do I want to leave with you?

Sex can mean different things to people, when most people talk about “having sex” they are usually referring to sexual intercourse. Sex is a pleasurable thing that one needs and desires but in having sex there are risks.

We all know sicknesses can be transferred through sexual intercourse, (STDs). Especially for young people, who don’t know what to do cause they ain’t nurture with sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are REAL.

It starts as an infection and later weakens the system to fight against infection. Some sexually transmitted diseases can be cured but some can’t, for example, AIDS. There is no cure for AIDS but Biology tells you prevention is better than cure so use your condom to stop sexually transmitted diseases

Parents. Let us do our best to build our children. Also, be mindful of how you make your baby plays a major role in the child’s mental state of mind.

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Sneak around having sex and get pregnant, your baby can grow to be sneaky too. This is all about energy transference. It is my guess that you won’t let that happen.

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