The secret to living a stress-free life

The secret to living a stress-free life

When it comes to life, we all have goals to live to the fullest, without knowing what tomorrow holds. And when life hands us a lemon, we feel let down and lose all the energy we had, and sometimes get completely shut down. 

Whether it is that anxiety that came from those secret battles you are fighting within, or it is that one person you held close did you wrong. You landed on the right page.

I am here to encourage you not to worry!

In today’s post, we will learn ways that help to de-stress and put you back on the right track, ready to start over or pick up where you left off towards your dream life.

Firstly, you have to understand that;

People enter and leave your path based on vibrations. They will find you, travel in and out of your path based on vibrations. You have to trust the organic unfoldment of your journey. Sometimes it doesn’t even be a bad thing somebody did.

It’s simply they just went out of alignment with you, the frequency changes, and sometimes it can be you that goes lower and they on a vibration that may be higher, or it can be vise versa. The dial changed and they are not on the same frequency or vibration you are on. It happens involuntarily, your thoughts, mindset all affect it.

We all are fighting secret battles within ourselves that we feel like nobody will understand. We all have our bad days. We all feel alone at times, some more than others. We all have times when we feel weak and hopeless. Times when we don’t know what to do or how to stop thinking so much.

The secret to living a stress-free life

Times where we feel like we have no one to go to but need help. Train your intuition and sharpen your mental focus to manifest your inner strength and happiness. This generates spiritual essence within you. Spirituality is becoming more conscious again, but without intuition and proper education in the world of never-ending conflictions, your conscious stays imbalanced/ unaware — refuse that.

This is for those who questioning friendships and current circumstances

You who have seen a glimpse of hardships that come with an unhealthy relationship. Maybe it’s a boyfriend who doesn’t respect your purity? or a co-worker that’s causing you to ethically slip? a jealous gossiper in your circle? a relative that has been proven disloyal?. Remember God said in the book of Psalms

BLESSED is the man (one) who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful (mockers). But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law, he meditates day and night.

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper”- Psalm 1:1-3

You love all and trust a few, but do wrong to none. Learn to close some doors and stay distant from toxic people and damaging circumstances, not because of pride or arrogance — but because they take up too much space, time, and energy and will lead you nowhere.

Cling to trustworthy people, and walk-in life-giving places that add value to God’s dreams for your life, and you must remember humility. Consider yourself less significant than others.

Keep in mind just because you may not give people access to your heart, but even the toxic ones deserve access to your love as a believer. Give, give, and give it away as Yahawashi did.

Your love isn’t just a one-way street for the people who meet your needs, they aren’t just for you. You have to make sure you encourage and help others to be successful too, no matter their toxicity. It’s rare to find people who would be around reminding you of your value in The Most-High and how God truly sees you after you believe in Him.

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It can also be difficult trying to find people willing to help you navigate through the challenges of life. They are rare but they are precious. And if you know one, rather it’s a boy/girlfriend, a neighbor, a co-worker, a team leader, a manager, a spouse, parents, and friends appreciate them.

Even as you end the week, find a way to be generous to them with a gift, your time, your energy, and the slightest effort to show them your love. Find a way to pray for them every time you get a chance.

The secret to living a stress-free life

Five proven ways to get rid of mental stress

Mental stress can take a high toll on life, especially during difficult times. You can do a lot of things to make it easy. And I said that to say this; you have all the time in the world to de-stress. Here are some DIY things  to help you get going:

1. Hobby
Take up a new hobby or reconcile with your old ones. Listen to songs, sing, dance, do art, learn a new language, try new hairstyles, try rearranging your furniture at home. The idea is to do absolutely anything that might interest you.

Exercise and meditation: Exercise is a really really good way to release stress. You don’t need to go for conventional ways of exercising. Just put on some upbeat music and dance like no one is watching you. Try on yoga, aerobics Zumba or any other style you want. Also, try meditation for at least half an hour every day.

2. Talk to your friends
This way is also helpful. If you are friends are living near you and trustable, go and vent. If you cannot, just video call them and talk to them. Catch up on their lives. Laugh with them. Listen to them. Get connected by any means. There is no point in keeping everything to yourself.

Sometimes it takes one good conversation to set you free from what you always have been holding in inside. So, reach out now!

3. Look into the mirror and smile
It is officially called Mirror Gazing Meditation, it helps notice your flaws and imperfections. While mirror-gazing, make eye contact with your reflection; and make sure you think about the reflection and only you.

It helps you get lost in yourself and makes you face reality with no fear. Not only that, also helps you find a way to forgive yourself and make you even more compassionate. This form of meditation is absolutely formed for you, yourself. It is a proven exercise to release stress.

4. Read or write
Writing releases stress. Write out your feelings. Try to make it in the form of a poem or a story or just jot down points. Read books. Read fiction to get lost in an imaginary beautiful world. Read nonfiction to learn some hard truths about life. Read anything you like.

5. Family
I bet you have ever heard that saying that says family comes first; this one saying is famous. It is a known fact that nobody is better than them. You can talk to your parents and siblings and cousins. They are the best healers. Also, to believers, pray, take shelter within God. Family plays a major role in your mental health and general.

The bottom line

You can do absolutely anything which interests you. Cook, eat, watch movies, watch TV shows, work, study but most importantly, rest. You are the most important. Take care of yourself. Take a long bath. Cry your heart out. Dance. Laugh. Stay in bed the whole day if you want.

The bitter and the sweet are what bring true meaning to living. You learn from everything life puts you through.

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