Simple Strategies to Mend a Broken Heart by Lifestyle

Simple Strategies to Mend a Broken Heart by Lifestyle

Greetings dear Reader. It’s not a bet, but it’s a hope that you’re actually safe and sound. Great. Today you are going to read about some things that are very crucial for your own well-being.

Tips on how to remain calm in the trial moments, and you’ll also look for ways to win what the universe has to offer.

Accept it or not. At times we have to deal with the root of the problem in order to stop the symptoms from killing us. As difficult as change can be, allowing you to keep your life double-parked isn’t an option. Sometimes we have to let go of what is killing us even if it’s killing us to let go.

Some connections you made just may require space to survive, and some just need to die for you to be reborn.

So, if you are around negativity or drama, separate yourself especially if it isn’t your lifestyle. Some people are fueled by drama and negativity, when segregated around it for long, it can easily become a way of life. They themselves, may not even realize it.

It’s not your place to tell them how to live or cast stones, the best one can do is keep their distance. Nine times out of ten, their actions and lifestyle are illustrations of their consciousness of where they are at or aren’t – mentally. One doesn’t know the capacity of another’s mind when conflicted, you only know what they tell or choose to speak up on – nothing more.

Fighting a war within is a losing battle for a feeble mind, but one who is strong can conquer all, although they may not realize it. To have the strength to do so and remain aware of that fact is a blessing.

Cherish your consciousness, your voice of reason, and logic for they are solely the only essentials that will keep you sane.

Ups and downs, sometimes loneliness, sorrows, and pain, that’s part of life. Be open and resonate with relationships that support only the highest good, get comfortable letting go of what and who no longer serve you. Establish your boundaries, and be your own source of light.

Never dwell in the past. You owe it to yourself to do what makes you happy. Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose, instead of the expectations and opinions of others. The past is a place of reference, the past is a place of learning, not a place of living. You are already at peace, it’s your natural state of being.

Heal deeper, elevate past the hurt. When you protect your energy daily, you can understand the lesson. When master your thoughts and emotions, you can forgive yourself and love yourself unconditionally. That’s how you attract relationships that allow you to be your most authentic self.

The people who will hurt you the most are the people you loved the most. That hurt from close people, from people you never expected to sting you; hurts like no other.

If you have been there, you know that kind of hurt can leave you too weak to talk.

Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. You are worth more than that. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.

A sad truth that’ll help you back to your senses

Some things don’t get better, but you do. You get stronger, you learn to live with situations as messy and hard as they are. You fix what you can, and adapt to what you can’t. Some of us will never be fully okay, but we are here still trying. Trying to heal ’cause it all gets better over time.

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Rejection, abandonment, loneliness, codependency, clingy, attention-seeking, possessiveness, distrusting, accusing, and emotional instability are all signs of PTSD directly resulting from childhood trauma. Somewhere within you, your inner child was rejected in one of these aspects as a result this transformed over into your adult life.

Relationships often fail and you develop the same feeling you had as a child but just can’t make the connection. They say heal yourself, and the inner child throws a tantrum because why should you have to fix something you didn’t break?

But we do it anyway when a relationship fails, we have to put ourselves back together and move forward, either that or die.

Uncertainty of how to fix this is what keeps us from progressing, so we consume ourselves in distraction to prevent addressing it. Anything but facing ourselves is even the darkest hour, but it can be done, either that or die..

Sorry, I had to be very honest with you. Don’t go through life looking down, thinking ”This problem is too big”, ”It’s never going to work out”, ‘I have been through too much” – get a new perspective. The forces that are for you, are greater than the forces that are against you.

You may have been bitten by mistakes, bitten by divorce, bitten by hurts, but that’s not how your story ends. That poison doesn’t have the power to leave you stranded broken. Look up. You haven’t seen your best days.

Helen Keller once said,

 Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

So, that clearly means, healing is coming, promotion is coming, the right people that know your worth and value you are coming.

I have been hurt a lot. Often, I have been broken, but I am still going to continue to love harder and deeper. Because I firmly believe that everyone deserves love regardless of who they are or their circumstances. We are all still people trying to figure this life out.

I still have wounds I haven’t tended to. I’m clueless about what I want to accomplish. I still have fears and my insecurities still know how to get the best of me and that’s okay. I’m getting better every day even when I fall apart or fall short.

But, in meantime, I’m still going to love no matter what, because I don’t have to be perfect to be in a position to love.

The keywords

If we are being honest, everybody needs encouragement. Everybody needs somebody cheering them on, somebody that sees the best, somebody that sees the gifts, and the talents. You can be that person for the people in your life.

The one they can count on, the one that’s not going to find fault, the one that always going to have healing words, words of encouragement, words that uplift, words that push them into their destiny.

No matter how bad life treats you, don’t ever allow it to change you into a beast you are not. Never ever allow it to taint you. Because, if you will do so, karma will shut your whole life down. The universe listens; keep spreading positivity regardless of what life hands you, and see how your life changes for good.

A QN I leave you with: Are you sure you aren’t the weapon formed against yourself causing you not to prosper?

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