Lil Durk – Downfall Ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby (Mp3 Download)

Downfall by Lil Durk Ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

“Downfall” is a thrilling song by the Chicago-born rapper, singer, and songwriter, Durk Derrick Banks, known by his stage name, Lil Durk.

This song was released in 2018, and it features the award-winning American rappers known professionally as Young Dolph and Lil Baby who actually splits in some sensational verses.

Apparently, this massive hit track was produced by multi-talented song composer, Epik Pro, licensed under 2018 Alamo (Interscope Records).

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However, many say, Dolph’s verse is the best, do you agree? First, go listen to this joint and come tell the majority what you thinking.

TBH, both are good artists, Baby rose to fame and stays climbing to the top of the music charts, same as Lil Durk, he is one of the top-charting rappers currently.

Noted Lyrics

You my nigga, that’s a fact, and you can’t lie to me, ayy, woah
What I get paid on that block, that’s like your salary, uh, woah
Mandatory rules to the trenches, keep your gun on you
‘Fore the money even be involved, they be one hundred
Fuckin’ all these hoes state to state, I ain’t see love comin’
Slow down on that Viagra, push from it, uh
Not what you do, just how you do it, ain’t what you say, it’s how you say it
You can think about the money, but it’s how you gonna chase it
They freed a couple killers, now they city goin’ up
And you only call me when you see me pourin’ up
And you snuck in tall, you don’t know if we know or not
And you brought me drinks, only time you threw a shot, wow

My other homie told my other homie
That my other homie other homie tryna kill him
That’s why I only fuck with a couple niggas
Get out this dope game, get a couple figures
Make my bitch cum and then I’m comin’ with her
Real niggas only, ain’t no competition
We dropped Bloodas, now they sayin’, “Bloodas”
If I don’t know nothin’, I know our fans love us
I learn through rappin’, get some bands from it
You be around the fake, but I’ll stand from it

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