Ladies talk.. Techniques to find and fix emotional leakage

Ladies talk.. Techniques to find and fix emotional leakage

Hey ladies, it’s definitely another beautiful day we are being gifted. I’m pretty sure the one reading this is actually safe and sound. Maybe you are at work, home, traveling, or just anywhere; let me tell you I prepared this little thing for you.

Without wasting time, if you have gotten a chance to read my last two articles, you have already grasped I’m writing for ladies, it doesn’t matter if you are taken or single, I just be writing for you queens. I’m having this ”Ladies talk” blog series and that’s that.

Since I’m a lady and I’m full of love and positivity, I found a reason to be sharing my two cents with you. And if you like what I do, please do share.

OK. Now, let’s just start.

Single ladies, I’m going to put this right here. A man isn’t going to fulfill all your needs if your need is to fill holes in your heart. Too many single folks are praying for a mate when what they are really looking for is somebody to stop their emotional leaking, somebody to heal their lonely, or somebody to assume the emotional debt that a history love created.

Listen, this goes both ways but I’m talking to some single, saved ladies. The Bible declares..,

”And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better, she grew worse”. – Mark 5:25-34 NIV

Now, metaphorically speaking, when you are emotionally leaking, every man you try, every relationship you use for emotional medication, is going to make you worse.

This isn’t a put-down, this is a put-up. Put this in your spirit; A man looking for a victim will look for a woman leaking – the more you are leaking, the more desperate you are. Leaking emotions have a distinctive odor. A scent that dogs can pick up on a mile away.

Pay attention, Mark 5:25 the Scripture says, ”… suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors”. When leaking, broken, unhealthy emotions look for a mate, ”you will suffer a great deal by many”. The abused are used by their emotional physicians.

Nobody knows we are leaking until we start seeking. If your heart has a hole in it, you can’t hold love. You leak with distrust, insecurity, anger, unhappiness, and low self-esteem. And, that clearly means you are not enjoying a thing but feeding yourself to the wolves, which is even worse.

When you are leaking, you don’t need a him, you actually need to touch the hem. And sometimes, to get the hem we have to go to therapy. Listen to your heart, it will always tell you if you are leaking.

You are feeding yourself to the wolves – the moment you step beyond the gravitational pull of your throne’s jurisdiction to wander aimlessly in the free market searching for something deeper like a lost puppy.

You are the Queen, put back your crown on. Stay on the throne and increase the sheer intensity and gravitational pull of your position to drive in the desires of your heart in abundance, orbiting around your throne’s ecosystem.

Chase nothing. Beg for nothing. Crawl on your knees for nothing. Wander aimlessly on the free market for nothing. Do nothing but self-love and self-master until your raggedy space becomes the highest version and vibration of yourself.

The moment your throne becomes a destination of high value, pleasure, and vacation-level life experiences; five-star energetic clientele will start knocking at the door to join the waiting list.

» Stay in the God zone
» Stay in the upper room
» Stay in your God body

Here is what I know about healing

Pain tells you what you have been through, and hope tells you where you are going despite what you have been through. Every low place sharpens your focus for your high place.

So, when life circumstances happen, the pain will strip you of the power you thought you had and force you to top into power you didn’t know you had. Your strength is made perfect in your weakness when you expect better days.

I said that to say; If you are serious about healing, you must clean your conscience. You have to flush out wasteful thoughts that are clogging up your system. Release guilt and shut your mind out from worry.

Forgive, forgive, forgive. Forgive others and mostly yourself. Confess to yourself your wrongdoings, mishaps, and hang-ups, and forgive.

Forgive yourself so freaking strongly that you don’t keep repeating the same errors. Also, more importantly, learn how and when to be silent. Know when to close your eyes, cover your ears, and shut your mouth. Baby steps though but just do it.

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Wrapping up, Ladies talk.. Techniques to find and fix emotional leakage

Anything begins with you. If you want to be loved and treated right, you first have to love and treat yourself that way. I tried to explain all that in the lines above, I hope you understood.

If someone only comes into your space to take a shit, then they immediately leave, you are being disrespected. To be designated as the toilet in a person’s life is the lowest of the low. Just shameful.

An example of this is a person who only calls to share bad news when their self-esteem needs to be lifted or criticize you. Then when they are done, they run off without properly checking on your well-being.

There are the roaches you should be stomping on, not befriending. Anyone that comes into your space is required to come with an offering – of financial, mental, emotional, spiritual, or material benefit. No offering, no entry.

If you don’t have a course of action and proposed trade agreement, you have already disrespected yourself. Therefore, self-stomp until you have self-respect.

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