How to Practice Positive Attitude to Completely Change Your Life

How to Practice Positive Attitude to Completely Change Your Life

Successful. This word holds so much power. And you better understand that everyone down here on Earth craves being called that.

Me, you, or them, both of us.  Every single soul wants to be successful. But, you can’t be successful without having something you called a ‘dream’ and not a wish.

The difference between a dream and a wish is that a wish is something you hope happens, but a dream you put actions behind it. There is a saying, most definitely a scripture that says, ‘Faith without works is dead”. The people that succeed don’t always have the most talent, the most education, the most opportunity. Many times they simply want it more than others.

If you want it that bad, why don’t you have to go after it then? There is no better time than now, that is what today has in store for you – go for it.

I prepared this post to encourage and motivate you to have a positive attitude while you are in the process of being transformed and completely changing your life for the better. You are a work in progress.

This article is designed to sharpen your attitude and help you see what to do while you are waiting for your time to shine, how kindness can turn your life quicker into something you never thought you could be and change the world for the better.

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I know someone somewhere is crying, or feeling let down because his or her dream isn’t understood by people around. Sometimes when you are working on something, don’t expect every person to be on your side and support you, or be there to motivate you.

Understand your dreams. Some people who don’t support you are the greatest motivation to make it happen, to make your dreams a reality.

The truth is those people who seem not to understand your vision are not bad. They are just a group of people who look at things from a different angle and it becomes hard for them to support what you are seeing yourself because you are on different sides.

Don’t hate people who seem to be your blocks to your success, those people make you strong. It’s them that make you realize not everyone is for you. They also help you know that if really you don’t believe in yourself, you face it so hard.

Continue working so hard anyway, because, at the end of the day, hard work pays off.

Don’t compete with others, stay true to yourself. Your success may come after everyone else, that’s fine, just be strong to deal with it. Yes, some people would want to make you feel that you are a failure simply because your success has taken so long than theirs – don’t listen, do you!

Grace differs and God prepares differently for what we want. He needs to set you up for what you want, for success, so He has to remove people from your life, here and there. It could be your husband, your wife, friends, relatives et cetera. He has to ensure that you become humble. Giving you different challenges to deal with so that by the time you are getting what you prayed for, you are already disciplined.


Just in case you lose some people in your life because you are poor or can’t manage them, don’t blame yourself, but trust the process. You may have so many reasons to cry because the process is just too long; if what you want is success, you will always have a reason to hold on just a little bit.

Follow your dreams and be patient because, yes, the process is long for some of us. Appreciate God for every development in your life. You are not poor, it’s a stage. Appreciate where you are, the little you have, because soon you will miss those days when you win.

Keep a good attitude when you are in the waiting room when doors are closing when others are being promoted and it seems like you are being bypassed. Your time is coming. There is a  birth in your future life. It’s something big, something you weren’t expecting.

The world stands aside and makes room for the person who knows where he is going and is on his way. When you have a vision for what you wish to achieve in your life, not only will others stand aside and let you pass, but they will join you in your quest as well.

They will instinctively recognize your enthusiasm and zest for living. When you speak about your passion in life, your definite major goal, they will see the intensity of your desire, and they will stand aside. It will be apparent to all who know that you will succeed.

Something happens in the struggle. When your mind says it is never going to work out but in your heart, you know what God promised is on the way. Your mind says “You are wasting time, there is no point in believing”, but you keep on doing the right things, trusting the process, thankful that it is on its way.

That is sustaining faith. Don’t expect everything to be easy. Don’t expect everyone to be for you. If it hasn’t happened yet, that doesn’t mean it is not going to happen. The victory is on the other side of the opposition. It takes staying power, it takes a made-up mind, it takes someone that is not moved by the circumstances.

When you stay faithful in the waiting room, patiently enough to know what you want in life, the universe will exactly give you what you asked for.

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Sure thing, there is power in helping people out

The surest way to promote yourself is to help others get ahead. When you go out of your way to help others get ahead, they will inevitably reciprocate. When you genuinely wish others well, even though you may feel a little envious that they are advancing faster than you or gaining more recognition, they will respond accordingly.

Your good deeds will encourage them to do likewise. You may never know how many people have recommended you for a job, or a promotion, or helped you in some other way because you aided them when they needed it most.

There is a famous saying by Helen James that says, “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference”. Yes, every time you help out an individual with something they needed help with, you make a difference and create a way for God to watch out for you real close.

Watch you real close why? Because you have become His agent. You may not understand it now but eventually, if you consider ‘helping people out’ is a serious matter, you will get this point.

By helping people out, you create a way for them to say your name in prayer for God to replace, even more, where you have given out. And when the prayers go up, the blessings always come down. There is power in helping people out now and then. Keep doing good deeds cause you will get a reward for that.

So we have seen that by doing good to people the universe will typically reward you, and what is even sweeter about that is;

You will get all the love.
Love always wins. For example: If you are a Marvel fan, you know Spider-Man, Batman and all sorts of these types of movie stars be going home with all the love. Do you think why? Because they helped out people. It really has its advantages.

You will get promoted.
A good deed is never lost, the time for you to get promoted to a higher level is around the corner. Get ready because – you being promoted will be crucial to others.  God does not cast off his servant. Never.

You create a way for you to get help when in need.
We all know that saying that says, “It is what it is, you get what you give”. Yes, the universe listens. What you pour out, best believe, that is what you gonna get.

The takeaway

Bad things happen for you to grow. You see who is truly down for you, you find the strength you never thought you had, you grow wiser. When you are not supposed to be somewhere anymore, life will get extremely uncomfortable for you until you have no choice but to make a change.

Keep doing the right thing even though you face adversity. Keep giving thanks through the loss, through the disappointment, through the times that don’t seem fair.

You are going to come out of that cutback season and come into a growing season. From not enough to more than enough. From the bottom to the top. Appreciate every hard time now, because it strengthens and motivates you even harder to go for it.

Don’t mind how people will look at you when you get what kept you awake at night, in such a case, they matter less.

Stay determined and have a blessed day:)

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