How to get rid of pain and win at life starter pack

How to get rid of pain and win at life starter pack

It’s another day we are here. I guess we are all thankful for this new un-promised year called 2023. It’s a huge blessing to be alive until this day. We went through a lot. Life taught us a lesson in a way, some of us, cannot explain.

But all in all, the bad, the ugly, or/and the good are what bring meaning to living. That’s life.


In today’s post, we are going to read about the ways to win this year, and the year comes. And I really want your attention because I want you to think while you read. And if you are going to do what I’m asking; you gonna have all the power in the world to stomp on your haters’ head like it’s nothing.

Life was never complicated, we are the ones who make it look complicated.

This article is here to help you see how precious the cloth you were cut from is. Help shed a light for you to go on the right path. Help you see your worth. And even help you understand when you have no other choice but to let go of something which is not good for you and your health in general.

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Ways to win every other year

Look, if you are going to win this year, you are going to have to follow these few things to save yourself from unnecessary stress, and heartbreaks and most importantly save your precious time for you to achieve what you are craving before the year ends.

• Forgive them for your own soul’s sake.

• Let go of heartaches.

• Stop watering dead things.

• Stop carrying around expired relationships.

• Be okay with hurting yourself temporarily to stop somebody from hurting you for a lifetime.

• Keep some people in your prayers and put them out of your life.

The only people who will have a problem with you winning are friends to your weakness. A friend to your weakness is an enemy to your greatness.

They won’t understand you, especially the folks who mishandled, mistreated, and mismanaged your privilege of you in the past. Listen, you are full of wisdom that cannot be put on a shelf. That wisdom wasn’t free, it cost you – and if you know like I know, good wisdom comes at a major cost.

They won’t understand because;

1. They didn’t expect you to use what God gave you to redefine boundaries, re-evaluate agreements, and release enemies to your greatness.

2. Your heart is no longer looking for love in all the wrong places, your heart is protecting the love that you have from all the wrong people – the unqualified, the unappreciative, the unsupportive.

You are not mad, you are done. You are wisdom-ready for a prosperous year.

What the enemy tried to kill you with, what the enemy tried to break you with, what the enemy tried to stop you with, God turned it to oil, expensive oil.


You are not with anybody, you are just clear with everybody. There is a difference.

How to get rid of pain and win at life starter pack

If they cannot grow with you, they cannot go with you. It’s not personal, it’s destiny. It’s not selfish, it’s God-ish. You are not putting anybody out, you are simply giving people the option to fit in or to fit out of your joy, your peace, your prosperity, your foolery-free plan for 2023.

Decree and declare it .. “Once I was blind but now I see!”

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Why do we have to heal?

We have to heal our hearts so that our ears won’t filter wisdom through pain. It’s not possible to hear right when our heart is not right. Put this in your spirit; unconsciously we filter information through our situations, our feelings, and emotions.

The right thing, the best thing to do is hard to receive when our hearing is impaired by pain. As you position for prosperity and power this year, pay attention to feelings and emotions that resist the truth, deny the truth, or struggle with the truth.

When we filter wisdom for purpose and power through contaminated ears, the result is contaminated understanding. The hard truth, tough love, and the words we need to grow by can be hard to swallow, difficult to handle, and even offensive when pain is doing the listening and filtering.

It takes wisdom to shift, truth to soar, and unapologetic tough love to grow to your next levels. Again, decree and declare… “Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

The bottom line

From what we read above, pain is our first enemy to progress and well-being. Once we learn how to control ourselves from acting in pain, we reach our breakthrough and see the changes we want.

If you are going to heal, move forward and possess the land that God has for you. You have to walk away from that apology that is not going to come from them. Forgiveness does not mean you did not learn.

Forgiveness means you refuse to weld your future, your faith, and your favor to the bondage of them and what they did.

Living in pain is a sign of weakness. You are not weak. Stand up for yourself, that’s how winners absolutely did. Cause if you are in pain and cannot try you are best to let go, you have regrets.

Regretting is a normal act but holding in for a long time without letting go, holds you back. And at a time leaves you right where you are – stranded and broken.

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