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Tunategemeana by Godfrey Steven

“Tunategemeana” is an encouraging gospel song by the Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and minister known popularly as Godfrey Steven.

This song’s lyrics explain the true meaning of life. As usual, as humans, we really depend on one another while we both rely on only one mighty God who reigns in heaven.

So, you will be guided to always be kind to one another, and help the ones who need your help because that’s the nature of life.

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In addition, I assure you, if we will that kind of lifestyle (kindness), we will grow one beautiful universe, better for both of us.

Quotable Lyrics

Wale wa ng’ambo wanauliza mmewezaje?
Wale wa ng’ambo wanajubu mnashindwaje?
Wale wa ng’ambo wanauliza mmevukaje
Na ng’ambo inajibu mnashindwaje?
Mlichonacho hatuna tulichonacho Hamna eee
Basi tubadilishane tunufaike sotee
Ulinalo gumu kwako kwa mwingine rahisi
Unalo rahisi kwako kwa mwingine ni gumu
Sababubu kamwe mapito yanatofautiana
Tutiane moyo sote safari ni mojaa


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