Explained: The Reason Behind Russia and Ukraine Conflict

The Reason Behind Russia and Ukraine Conflict

#UkraineUnderAttack, #StandwithUkraine,  #WarInUkraine et cetera are the trending hashtags currently on social media.

It is crazy when humans go out of their origin and turn out to be animals, not just animals but wild animals, and harm each other for no legit reason.

We all know what is actually going on in Ukraine. All the news media and blogs are talking about the Russia-Ukraine conflict which has resulted in a  cold-blooded war that is killing hundreds while hundred to thousands flee their country. Destroying houses and infrastructures like railways, TV towers, hospitals, and schools, and leave thousands with no shelter.

Look, man

War is no joke. Watch it in movies but don’t see it for yourself in real life. Nobody gets used to living on the battlefield where missiles rain like real rain.  Nobody gets used to the fear of knowing any time s/he will get bombed and die. This part itself defines hell.

Peace. That is what defines a nation’s safety. What is life without being in peace? Peace with yourself, your neighbors or/and your neighboring nations?

Economy and war cannot get along. Several sources have confirmed that the economy of Russia has decreased just within a week of the fight, the same as that of Ukraine.

What is the reason behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict? Well, I don’t normally write about politics because I really don’t believe in politics. Listen, I don’t say that politics is hundred percent bad, but wait, I would like to say with no hesitation that politics is the main reason for all civil wars y’all witness in our societies or other faraway nations.

It definitely has its good, but we would not like to talk about it because that is what politics was meant for; helping a certain country reach its dream goals while helping guide its people to reach their individual goals.

First of all, you may be reading this article years later and wondering who was the president during this time of the conflict.  So Ima tell you who are the presidents leading these two quarreling nations.

Currently, the Russian president is Vladimir Putin who is 69 years old while the Ukrainian president is Volodymyr Zelensky who is 44 years old which makes him younger than the Russian president.

The reason behind the conflict

Russia and Ukraine tensions go years back. Back from centuries ago up to now. But the tensions escalated when Putin heard Zelensky, the Ukrainian president urged the US president who is Joe Biden to let Ukraine join NATO in 2021.

Guys, to Putin, that was the big mistake Zelensky ever made since has become the president of Ukraine. Requesting to be a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which in short people call it NATO, has extremely angered Putin.

Driven by anger. I honestly cannot place a word here to describe how mad that request Zelensky made him. Like a hungry lion? No. A hungry lion cannot be as angrier as he is.

Ukrainian 2001 poll that suggested and supported the country’s exit from the Soviet Union and being an independent nation, did something to Putin’s heart and mind. This is not the first time, since then, the growing anger has driven Putin of Russia and found himself backing up the rebels who invaded Ukraine in 2014 and annexed its Crimean peninsula.

Okay, let’s go back to 2021

When Russia started placing troops near the Ukraine borders. If you are good at remembering, you will remember that on November 10th, the United States reported unusual movements of the Russian troops, and later on, on November 28th Ukraine announced that nearly 92k Russian troops has gathered for an offensive at the end of January or at the start of February.

The current situation in Ukraine

Tweets by a witness in Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia’s population

Ukraine is a country found in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest country in the continent by area after Russia. It has a population of 41.46 million by 2022 and 603.5k square kilometers while Russia has a population of 146 million, which is thrice of Ukraine. And it is the first largest country by area in Europe which has 17.13 million square kilometers.

The bottom line

Clearly, Putin’s dream is to reunite the Soviet Union and turn Russia back into the superpower that it was. But please, you should never confuse Russia with Putin. Because, although he is the president, there are a lot of people in Russia who don’t like their president or his war, and they have also been displaying some extraordinary courage.

Even captured Russian soldiers said they have given an order they cannot refuse, they actually don’t want this war.

Putin has to remember that the world has already moved on. No need to rely on the past and go after dictatorship ways that put his people in the same room with him. Like, you know, some people won’t hate only him, but the whole country. That is too bad.

A message to Putin and anyone who supports him; End war. Save the time your wasting thinking you are making a way to something great into being productive cause your economy started to fall and you are causing death to innocent people.

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