How to Become a Whole Person and Why is It Important

Becoming A Whole Person And Why Is It Important

In life it happens, sometimes you may feel worthless. Yes, it happens, and that is one thing, but knowing that you weren’t born that way, and you are here down on Earth to do nothing but to be whole and provide nothing but only 5-star life experiences is another.

I believe that everybody wishes to provide the best, I mean 5-star life experiences, unfortunately, some with or without knowing fail to provide in hopes of in the coming days.


Today’s post will show you the difference between the whole (complete), and incomplete people. Also, give you the strategies to follow in order to become whole and help you win the lifestyle that you are craving.

But wait… let me ask you a simple question before we start, do you know what a whole person or incomplete person is capable of? I bet the answer is NO!

Never mind, I got you covered, here is a little explanation to help you understand the difference between the two.

Know the difference 

When two incomplete people team up in hopes to complete each other, they will either destroy each other or one will immensely suffer to buffer the pain and deep void of the other, as a sacrificial lamb.

The sacrificial lamb relationship dynamic is sort of like when your debit card still works, but not because there is money in the account associated with the card, the account is over-drafting in the negatives deeper and deeper with each swipe; until the account finally gets shut down by the bank.

The sacrificial lamb is the over-drafting bank account, while the parasite is the debit card swiper in the relationship; which provides them a glittery false sense of reality since the transactions get approved, at the expense of depleting their sacrificial lamb. But note, the sacrificial lamb isn’t a victim, they are equally incomplete and a co-conspirator of the scam.

When two whole people team up, they will enhance each other’s life experiences from good to great. Incomplete people can only provide 1 to 2-star life experience. Whole people are providers of 5-star life experiences.

Whole people have done the work to master themselves first and can share the gift and soothing experience of self-mastery with those around them.

This explains the magnetic aura whole people tend to project, which attracts an audience just craving to experience and be in their presence.

Becoming A Whole Person And Why Is It Important

Since whole people are complete by themselves, they don’t demand or suck out more from others than what’s naturally offered to them.

As they are not looking for completion, they seek enhancements to an already complete and exciting life experience.

Incomplete person: “I’m hurting, make me happy”
Complete person: “I am happy, would you like to join me?’

What to do to become or maintain being whole

• Avoid draining dummy missions of the incomplete.
• Practice being whole.
• Renovate your spirit and rehab your mentality if necessary.
• Achieve a godly level of peace of mind. With or without anything or anyone else your square should be balanced.
• Be a destination of 5-star experience, and only accept 5-star versions of anyone in your life’s eco-system.
• And most importantly, forgive yourself, and whomever did you wrong.

Tell yourself today is a new day – whatever happened, whoever happened is over. You can’t reach for tomorrow by holding on to yesterday. When your heart and hands are full of history, you don’t have room for destiny. Understand, your hope defines your vision, your vision defines your path – don’t hope backward.

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It happened exactly the way it needed to happen to give you the wisdom and the power that you needed for your journey to becoming complete. Trust in the process and don’t delay the lesson by denying the truth that it’s okay to slip out sometimes, but staying there, is not.

You can’t get stronger for life without life giving you a workout. Your next chapter of wholeness, your clarity comes after you have mastered the lessons of where you are. Work it out because your strength comes from pushing, not giving up.

Becoming A Whole Person And Why Is It Important

What you can control

The one thing you can always control is your attitude. “I’m going to be a whole person and enjoy life, cause I know I deserve better” or “Am I going to live this day sour, discouraged, or am I going to live in  faith, hopeful, kind, generous, happy, seeing the best?” This is a decision we have to make each day.

If you are going to have a good attitude, you are going to have to do it on purpose because all kinds of negative things will try to creep in; discouragement, self-pity, bitterness. If you are not proactive, if you don’t choose to have the right attitude, then the wrong attitude will show up.

Everything begins with you. Being whole, and being incomplete both begin with you. You won’t ever enjoy anything if you are still holding on to the past. The moment you start to live in the present, you will become whole and enjoy life and serve nothing but 5-star life experiences.

The key takeaways

Accept that you are capable of and strong enough to be whole. Of course, we weren’t created with perfection but complete. If you choose to see things in a positive way, walk in, do things for love, and have good intentions, life gets simpler.

Never let society make you feel nothing but whole, and pass it on. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to become. is the person you decide to become.

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