About Us


My name is Kelvin Chaisson, but friends and family used to call me Kelly. I am the founder of this blog. Trust me, I don’t know much but love and positivity.

Since my heart is so full of love and positivity, I had no other choice but to launch a site where I would be sharing such feelings with other beings in the universe.

I enjoy blogging, catching up with new trends, playing basketball, and listening to music.

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Launch date

I was always thinking of ways to deliver my thoughts and feelings to the whole universe and found none that’d reach the majority one after one for a lifetime. So, one day I was sitting in my room and I had a feeling that showed the way, which I can say is the right one, to follow.

It guided me to deliver all of my thoughts and feelings to the universe by writing, and that’s when and where I created this blog and started publishing now.

The aim is to spread positivity to every human reading this blog. Trying to shed a little light, over time. It’s all love.

With a little help from my girlfriend,

This blog was launched with love on April 11, 2023.

* * *

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will share with a friend this little blog [with positivity] that is trying to grow and reach thousands of people. Stay positive!