5 Causes of Low Sperm Count for Men

Causes of Low Sperm Count for Men

Hmh guys, we all know that Low sperm count for men has become a common weakness nowadays. It doesn’t discriminate between age or the color of your skin. Whether you are here or there, this weakness can get you. Get you how? That part.

Stay on the track. In this post, you are going to read how many factors which cause this weakness that affects many men all over the world. It is a frustrating and heartbreaking weakness, it can leave you broken into pieces when your expectations are not met.

Before mentioning the factors, I want to tell y’all guys that we don’t gotta play with our health in general. Sometimes we play dumb and do what we have read online from a certain article, or we have been told by our doctors that it ain’t good for our health.

What we think is okay to do, and paying no mind to the effects will make on our health over time, will eventually get us to a place where we cannot do anything, but get knocked out.

Treasure your body, and treat it nicely because there is no renewal to some organs.

Okay, I don’t want to talk much, let us start off by mentioning the factors that cause this weakness called Low Sperm Count.

Four factors that cause LSC

There are four factors that cause this weakness and can be categorized clearly into four categories and are:

• Lifestyle factors
• Genetic factors
• Testicular factors and the last one is
• Ejaculatory dysfunction

As you can see above the factors are mentioned, but today I would like to talk about the first-factor Lifestyle factors and break down how our own lifestyle can jeopardize our fertility in general.

And if you will do a difference from these causes which are mentioned down below, you will eventually go back to the health you had before.

Let’s just start by defining the term Low-Sperm-Count, scientifically known as Oligospermia; this is when the fluid (semen) you ejaculate during orgasm has fewer sperm than normal.

A low sperm count diagnosis is tough as it is, but knowing that there are steps you could have taken to prevent it – that’s something no one wants to hear. Sometimes a low sperm count is inevitable, but sometimes there are steps one can take to prevent this condition from occurring.

As evidenced below, a lot of the factors that contribute to a lowered sperm count are also indicative of overall health concerns.

Causes of Low Sperm Count for Men

As I said above, this article is going to tell you, how our own lifestyle can make us go through this weakness named Oligospermia, and take away the joy to live. Here are five things that have been known to cause a low sperm count.

 #1. Smoking

Granted, the number of cigarettes you would need to smoke a day would have to be near 20, and up to affect sperm count. However, smoking isn’t clearly harmful to your overall health, but regardless of exactly how many cigarettes you smoke a day – over time, the effects will eventually spread to a lowered sperm count.

Smoking doesn’t only kill your lungs, it also makes your sperm incapable to fertilize eggs. So by saying that, your chances to become a father, and make your partner a mother is also reduced.

#2. Alcohol

Again, the quantity at which sperm would be affected by alcohol is high, but an excessive amount of alcohol consumption can be a source of infertility. Alcohol lowers sperm production and the production of testosterone.

We all know that alcohol is a clear liquid that has a very strong smell, it’s used in medicines, products and it’s the substance in liquor that can make a person or people drunk.
What’s the point of drinking alcohol when you’re healthy without getting drunk?
Alcohol is a chemical and it destroys parts of the human system.

Some people think it’s for flexing but it ain’t! It’s deadly. There’s no benefit to being an alcoholic person.
Biologists say ‘The body needs an amount of alcohol that doesn’t mean you should overdose yourself with chemicals (Alcohol).

If you are looking for ways to take action and cut back on your overall health, starting with cutting out a high amount of alcohol is a great step.

#3. Your weight

Yes, it’s true. Obesity can affect male fertility. The truth is when a male is severely overweight, the layers of fat that surround the testicles can become overheated. Heat is bad for sperm health, and this issue is just yet another overall health concern that can negatively affect sperm count and lead to male infertility.

#4. Heat

We have established that heat is bad for sperm health at the #3 but it can become an issue in a wide variety of ways besides obesity. Heat can affect you during; a hot bath, time spent in a hot tub, or working with a laptop or other electronic device on your lap for long periods.

Causes of Low Sperm Count for Men

Staying in a hot tub for a long time can cause low sperm count

It’s likely that especially for the last example, you have noticed when your laptop has overheated, and it’s uncomfortable on your skin, so it’s not difficult to grasp what this could mean for sperm.

Steer clear of long periods spent in baths and hot tubs, and make sure to use a cooling pad with your laptop or any other electronic device.

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#5. Intercourse

Sex can be bad for sperm? Yes, if it’s occurring too frequently. When couples are trying to conceive, especially if they haven’t had much luck in the initial months of trying, it can be tempting to be overzealous in their attempts, and male virility is not always linked – men can have a high sex drive but still experience infertility.

If the demand exceeds the supply, then sperm count can be decreased.

The takeaway

Self-care will solve it all. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or just quit. Avoid heat, don’t smoke at all, manage stress, and maintain a healthy weight.

Sex is pleasure, and to avoid low sperm count, it shouldn’t be occurring frequently. When we take care of ourselves, we reach our biological goals.

And you don’t have to forget that many of the causes of men can be treated, so you don’t have the time to sit around regret. Go get treatment.

If you know someone going through this, or if you are one, try to speak with a fertility specialist. Whatever the cause, they may be able to help you and fill up your happiness gap.

You all read this and stay on the safe side.

Initials: LSC stands for Low Sperm Count

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